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March 23, 2019

About us

The 2nd annual Women in Data Science Toronto Conference coincides with the annual Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference held at Stanford University and an estimated 150+ locations worldwide. The WiDS Toronto conference will demonstrate the broad applications of data science across different industries and shed light on the career journeys of women in data science. Everyone is invited to participate in the conference, which features exclusively female speakers.


Agenda- coming soon!

RBC WaterPark Place

88 Queens Quay West

Toronto, ON M5J 0B8


9 am - 5:30 pm




Lediona Nishani

Data Scientist, Klick

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Extracting Medical Information from Clinical Notes

Mary Loubele

Head of Data, MappedIn

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Data pipelines in AI for SAAS Applications

Monique Crichlow

Director, Strategy & Policy Development Compute Ontario

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Leading Policy in Data Science: the Career I never Planned For

Parinaz Sobhani

Director of Machine Learning, Georgian Partners

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Overcoming Data Limitations in Machine Learning and Data Science

Diane Reynolds

Head of Engineering & Chief Data Scientist, IBM

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Creating Sample Data

Elissa Strome

Executive Director, Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, CIFAR

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Towards Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in AI

Eyra Abraham

Founder, Lisnen

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Machine Learning within the Disability Market

Marina Pavlovic Rivas

Founder, Gradiant AI

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How can data science support creation?

Susan Ibach

Azure Developer PMM, Microsoft

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Career Panel

Zoe Katsimitsoulia

Head of Machine Learning and Data Science, Nudge.ai

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Career Panel

Jessica Yamoah

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Career Panel

Ananya Roy

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Career Panel

Sabina Stanescu

Lead Product Manager, Machine Learning, Points

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From Business need to Model Deployment in Production- Considerations and Best Practices

Helen Ngo

Machine Learning Engineer, Dessa

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Career Panel

Sarah Sun

Chief Data Strategist,

Goldspot Discoveries Inc

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Innovating in Unusual Places - Machine Learning in Mineral Exploration

Rachade Hmamouchi

Data Scientist & Founder,

IASO Genetics

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Career Panel

Ayse Bener

Professor, Ryerson University

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Capabilities of AI, Machine Learning, and Data to Change and Shape

Our Future

Asmita Usturge

Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

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Productionizing AI- Transformation of data science model from Proof of Concept to Production

Carole Piovesan


INQ Data Law

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Unlocking the Value of Data

Cecilia Liu

Senior Data Scientist, Wattpad

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Unique challenges in applying machine learning solutions at Wattpad

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“WiDS Toronto 2018 was an excellent opportunity to learn about the impactful work our women in Toronto are doing in the field of Data Science, to be inspired and to inspire, and to initiate new relationships with both men and women who support this movement to amplify our efforts. ” 

Estherlita F. Griffiths


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